Coaches, Change Makers, and Authors.

Boost your credibility, Attract more clients and sales, Increase your income, Raise your profile by Discovering how to WOW the Media!

Whether you’re a Coach, Thought Leader, Change Maker or Author, the leading way to boost your credibility, attract more clients and more sales while boosting your income is to Be Seen. Be Heard!

Advertising can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet when you know the secrets to attracting FREE publicity, clients and customers will come looking for you … without you having to spend a cent.

All you need to know is how to WOW the Media.

Training Begins May 11th

I'm Ready to WOW now

You have a message for the world. One that can change lives.

Yet what will happen if nobody can hear it?

Many coaches and change makers sadly give up their dreams of changing lives for the better because they don’t know how to reach a larger audience. If only they had known the simplest way to be Seen and Heard is to get media attention.

Discover how easy it can be to WOW the Media and obtain FREE publicity for your message and coaching business.

Gaining media attention is NOT only for big names. You can use the power of the media to build yourself a larger audience, by expanding the reach of your work and message. If it sounds too hard, or if you've tried before with limited results, I'm going to show you it's EASY when you KNOW HOW!

You may not feel ready to be on prime time TV, but there are MANY other media opportunities other than TV that I can guarantee, you are ready for and able to attain.

If the thought of being in the Media sounds SCARY to you right now, this training has been designed especially for you.


Over the 9 modules you'll be eased into the many different types of media publicity, discover which ones are right for you, and be able to choose which ones you feel ready for now and can ACT ON NOW.

By the end of this training, you will have discovered how fun, exciting and addictive being featured in the media can be.

You'll also find out what a boost it can give to your profile and coaching business. This is because media attention is a very effective way of getting you and your message known to a far BIGGER AUDIENCE. When more people know about you and what you can do for them, that can only mean one thing - more leads, clients and opportunities for you.

Join this 9 module media training with me (Step into the Spotlight’s Vanessa Talbot, Profile Builder and Author), along with my special guests in PR, and gain insider knowledge that will enable you to interact with the media like a professional.

Inside Wow The Media, you'll discover:

  • How to present a story about you and your business that commands attention
  • Why the media want to hear from you. Yes You!
  • The best media modes for your message i.e. Podcasts, radio, TV, magazines, popular blogs.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts for approaching a journalist
  • How to make good contacts in the media industry that will rely on you to provide them with commentary and good stories, giving you constant exposure
  • How to conduct yourself in a media interview and get asked back for more
  • The simple technique to writing a media release for massive media exposure
  • What you MUST have to get the most out of any media attention you receive (most people blow their opportunities here).

You probably never imagined it possible before. Now you Can!
You, and your message can be featured in popular podcasts, blogs, newspapers, radio, TV and magazines across the country, and even the world.

All you need is the insider knowledge on how to do it!

I'm Ready to WOW now

WOW the Media will give you the secrets and formula to gaining FREE media exposure so you don’t have to spend lots of money on expensive advertising or overpriced PR agencies (We’ll also tell you why it’s best NOT to hire a PR agency).

I also promise you live, interactive calls where you’ll get to ask all those questions you have about getting publicity, brainstorm ideas and news stories for your business, and practice with being interviewed so you’ll know what to say and do. Best of all, with a little bit of help from me you’ll put together your professional media release ready to put into action before the end of the training.

Yes, you’ll finish this training with your own Media release crafted especially for your message so that you can start getting instant media attention.

You'll also know exactly how to pitch yourself as an expert to top podcasts and interview series.


I'm still on a high from the Wow the Media training! So happy I've been wowing the media with a 80% hit rate! If you want to work with someone who really understands how to put together a press release, Vanessa Talbot is your go to person. I was amazed how easy it was to write my first press release with the guidance, and knowledge of Vanessa. I now have the skills to write a press release anytime. I strongly recommend the course if you're ready to put yourself out there and enjoy the benefits that media attention attracts.

Silvestro Musumeci, Author & Motivational Speaker

Here's what is included in Wow The Media!

  • Module 1

    Plan to Boost your Profile and Expand your Audience with Free Media Publicity

  • What media is best suited to your message and market? Discover the top media outlets that are right for you, and create your very own action plan to land these dream opportunities.
  • Learn how to use publicity to land more clients, sell out your group program, or create a wave of sales for your book.
  • Make your publicity work for you: Discover how to use it in your branding and marketing, so you can position yourself as a leader in the coach and change making industry.
  • Module 2

    They’ll never know you’re new at this:  The Do’s and Dont’s when Pitching to Journalists

  • The Do’s and Don’ts when pitching to journalists.
  • What to include when you contact the media.
  • What coverage you can expect/request.
  • Module 3

    Your story angle that will gain media attention

  • Craft 6 months worth of story angles so that you’re never lost for ideas to appeal to the media.
  • Target market and what story will get you in front of them and grab their attention.
  • Craft your unique story, that will inspire the media to feature you.
  • Module 4

    Your Media List  &  Success with Source Bottle and HARO

  • Source Bottle and HARO provide easy entry level media opportunities. You’ll learn how to choose the right call outs to respond to, and what ones to leave alone.
  • The simple technique to stand out in media call outs so that the reporter will choose you for their story.
  • Why you don’t need a media list of thousands of contacts. You’ll create your own media list of 20 contacts that will want to feature you.
  • Module 5

    Become a Blog Superstar at the Biggest Sites

  • Get guest blogging opportunities at the world’s biggest blogging sites such as the Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Forbes.
  • Create attention-grabbing pitches and headlines that editors won’t be able to resist.
  • Get the proven formula for writing guest posts that draw hundreds (or even thousands) of likes, shares, and comments.
  • Module 6

    How to Nail your Interview and Become a Regular Guest on Top Podcasts 

  • Learn how to land interviews with the top podcasts in the coach & changemaking industry including Entrepreneur on Fire.
  • You’re on!! It’s time to nail your podcast interview: Get crucial tips to prepare including commonly asked questions you need to be ready for.
  • You’ll practice being interviewed, so you become brilliant at turning the listeners of every podcast you appear on into raving fans, who can’t wait to check out your website and sign up for your giveaways, turning your subscriber list into thousands.
  • Module 7

    Be Featured in Respected Print and Digital Magazines

  • A professional Media PR will give you insider tips for landing pages and stories in magazines and newspapers. You’ll gain the knowledge to get YOUR name in top magazines like Oprah, Cosmopolitan, TIME, Successful Coach Magazine and more.
  • Find out the secrets to getting featured again and again.
  • Connections are key to gaining great media publicity consistently, and you’ll learn how to foster great relationships with journalists who will keep on coming back to you.
  • Module 8

    Now you’re Ready for TV and Radio!

  • Now you’re ready to jump on the Fast Track to Influence by being featured as a guest expert on top TV shows including The Dr. Phil Show, the Morning Show, Sunrise, and more.
  • Make sure you come across as a seasoned professional on TV & Radio and avoid rookie mistakes –you’ll learn how to make the very most of your big opportunity.
  • Create maximum impact in your limited 5 minutes of TV or Radio time. Learn how to supercharge your interview so that you make the very most of your moments of fame.
  • Module 9

    Create Your Media Release

  • Get given the exact formula for a professional and successful media release.
  • Media release do’s and don’ts: Make sure you gain credibility up front and avoid rookie mistakes .
  • Bonus Module (For Early Birders) - Closes Sunday 30th April at 11.59pm AEST

    Your Media Kit

  • For Early Birds ONLY, you've access to this BONUS module, your media kit. In this special 1:1 private session with me, you'll learn what needs to be in your media kit to establish yourself as an in demand expert for media opportunities.
  • Value $699

Whether you're new or been a Coach for years, here's why you should embrace media attention on you!

You may think you haven’t enough time to run around after the media because you’re busy marketing, networking, finding clients and looking after your house and family. There is a lot to do in running a successful business and keeping a work/life balance.

Think again though. What if you could get one good media response that gives you FREE exposure to hundred, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of potential clients? You would be able to spend much less on advertising, get great word of mouth instantly, potential clients will come looking for you, and because you’ll spend less time chasing for clients you’ll have more time for lifestyle!

Getting media exposure is simpler and easier than you think.

Yet most businesses will never obtain it because they think it’s too hard or only available for the special few. So instead they’ll go without or pay a fortune to a PR company whom they perceive to have magic powers – they don’t. Everything the PR company know and do, you can too. All you need is to know their secrets.

WOW the Media will help you to

Real success stories, from real people!

If you’re still thinking it’s all too hard and nobody wants to hear about you,
here’s why you’re WRONG about that!

  • Everyone has a story

    You only have to find it (and we’ll help you with that).

  • It’s easy when you know how.

    This workshop will teach you the know-how and you’ll also be receiving the help and feedback of myself and the other participants.

  • You don’t need to be able to write.

    There’s no need to write the story. That’s up to the journalist to do.

  • You’ll find out who to contact in the media and where to find them.

    You’ll receive weekly opportunities for media publicity and we’ll also give you the names and contacts of influencers in the media industry.

  • Save money!

    For only the price of this training you’ll discover how to get free media attention and save a fortune in advertising and PR costs.

  • You only need 10 minutes a day,

    and you’ll see the results and get media exposure.

  • Your special message deserves media attention.

    When you have a gift to share with the world, you need to be seen and be heard to give it. It’s time for you to shine.

  • You’ll become the ‘expert’ in your field.

    Having the media say good things about you and your work gives you instant authority. You stand out from competitors and prospective clients will seek you out. This can add serious $$$$ to your business income without paid advertising.

  • Your profile will be boosted and you’ll gain ‘celebrity’ status.

    Everyone wants to hang out with people they’ve seen on TV, or heard on the radio, or seen in the news. With massive media exposure you’ll be seen as a ‘celebrity’ too, creating powerful positioning for you and your business.

Real success stories, from real people!

Time spent with me is usually far more. In fact you’d be paying up to $16,000 for private one-on-one media and profile building training.

I realise that makes me at times, unobtainable for the ones I wish to help the most; coaches, authors and change makers who are beginning to see the potential they have to build their businesses, attract more clients and change more lives. So I decided on a price that made this training affordable, yet reflective of the value you’ll receive, and in line with the pricing of most of the other media training available ….. but it was still over $5000

That still made it a real stretch for those who needed it the most.

So I thought “I'm going to make it super easy for you to say “Yes!”

Because I want you to boost your profile and have a far greater reach with your message and work. Because I want you to know exactly what to do when it comes to the media, and mostly because we want to save you money on needless advertising and PR companies. Because I want to see your name and life changing message EVERYWHERE. Because of that, I’m happy to arm you with the knowledge and resources so you can go out and make a big splash in the world:

You’re only going to invest $693

That's it!

It’s peanuts because you’ll be getting some personalized attention, newsworthy angles, all the tools and techniques to make you an in-demand guest for interviews on podcasts and radio shows, a media release for you and your business, and so much more by the end of the 9 module training.


Tuesday 9th May

At whatever stage you are at with your Coaching and Change Making business, you can Reach More People and Impact Hundreds of Thousands.


One off Payment of $693 (save $207) or 5 payments of $180

16 Weeks Online Training

I’m Ready to Wow Now

The credibility boost and extra attention that free media exposure gives will allow you to have a far wider reach with the important work you do. You can’t help and touch others unless they know who you are and what you do.

If there was ever a time to you to shine, it’s now. You deserve to have the business you’ve dreamt of while giving value and empowerment to many.

Learn how to spread your service, value and message far with FREE media exposure through the WOW the Media program.

And because it’s really important you learn the media skills that will develop your profile quickly and easily, as an extra incentive, BOOK NOW before Midnight Sunday 23rd April and you’ll receive a BONUS.

Book Now and Receive your BONUS Media Kit

I'm Ready to WOW now

Still unsure if you’re up to it?

Let me fix that so there is absolutely no risk for you at all with my Money Back Guarantee

You’re completely covered by my 100% money back guarantee: If by the 2nd week module you don’t feel WOWing the Media is for you, simply let me know, return your material and I’ll refund your investment.

So now does that make it easier for you to WOW?

Stepping into the Spotlight has just got easier and I can’t wait to see you do it

You’ll discover the simple method to gain more IMPACT through the many avenues of free media exposure that will draw you more clients, more sales, and more heart centred INFLUENCE.

All for only $693

I'm Ready to WOW now


“I recommend you let Vanessa show you how to do this. It made an incredible difference to my ability to get myself out there.

“That's why I definitely recommend your program to anyone who's looking to get publicity. You simplify what others often complicate, and provide solid advice that works as long as people are ready to be persistent with following up after making first contact.  I used to be reluctant to make the follow up phone call, but once I started doing that things changed.”


Jane Turner, Author & Book Writing Coach

Discover how easy it can be to WOW the Media and obtain FREE publicity for your message and business.


One off Payment of $693 (save $207) or 5 payments of $180

16 Weeks Online Training

I’m Ready to Wow Now

Walk away with these when you take action today!

100% Risk FREE

You have nothing to lose!

Vanessa Talbot, Wow the Media Creator

Im 100% confident that you are going to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If  for any reason you’re not happy, I stand by my full 30 days money back guarantee.

Insider Knowledge On Getting Maximum Media Exposure Without Spending $$$$.


One off Payment of $693 (save $207) or 5 payments of $180

I’m Ready to Wow Now